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Bannister's Buyers are intentional, highly informed, confident decision makers.

We make sure of it.

Today you can click an Easy Button online and see a house in 15 minutes with a real estate agent who may or may not have any experience, any local knowledge or any of the steel rebar spine required to negotiate a great offer. 

We refuse to compromise on quality. While the rest of the marketplace is whipped around by scary headlines and gimmicks to get your business, our buyers make offers and purchases based on the foundation of knowledge we give them and what's in the strict best interest of their personal economies.

We know the many pocket neighborhoods and nuances of the Cape Fear region and can introduce you to lesser-known areas you may not have considered. We are discerning about construction quality and craftsmanship and connect you with the best home inspectors, contractors and lenders to carry you across the finish line. 

We write offers that win in multiple offers and negotiate tenaciously on your behalf. 

We are your advocate, your advisor and your source of support from contract to years after closing.


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